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Wherein we are introduced to Quailman and then somehow things get worse.

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The boys bring on cartoon savant and pending* Twitch** partner*** Steve K to discuss stinky feet, Sweat Hogs, and tips on shooting free throws at pick up basketball games. We also unpack the complicated and troubling history of American Imperialism through the lens of the 1980s cartoon Dinosaucers.


Check out Steve's amazing writing at and check back here soon to find a link to his Twitch page once he actually makes the dang thing.


Send us your interpretations of Skeeter's shoes at:

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Joined again by Jeopardy Champion and Cranial Wizard Colby Burnett, The Funnie Papers delves into the secrets of Uncle Happy's Old Clown Trunk and Doug's unending quest for self worth.


What mysteries do you imagine the Old Clown Trunk contains?  Send us your theories/art/[non]fiction:

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Multi-time Jeopardy champion and all around brain genius Colby Burnett joins The Funnie Papers to explore the internal politics of Bluffington and chronicle Doug's aspirations to the Ice Cream Throne.

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